Peumus boldus

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This tree is endemic to Chile. Its leaves, with a strong aroma, are used for culinary and medicinal purposes. They can be frequently found in the central zone of Chile; the species grows between the south of the Coquimbo region and the Los Ríos region.

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Size 15 meters.

Very slow growth rate.

August and September.


Fully exposed to sun, without any protection, on flat parts or slopes of northern exposure. also with some shade by thin vegetation, rocks, etc. Also in the shade on steep slopes of southern exposure, or with protection by dense layers of vegetation, under large trees.

Resists temperatures of -8°c, can resist occasional snow.

In secano annual rainfall 400-800 mm concentrated in winter, without rain 3-5 months to areas with constant rainfall, with short dry periods of no more than 1 month.

Little humid and slightly acid soils.

Edible and medicinal.

From the province of Limarí (Coquimbo region) to the province of Osorno (Los Lagos region).

It grows mixed with persea lingue, cryptocarya alba, lithrea caustica. In more or less humid ravines it is also associated with gevuina avellana, luma apiculata, sophora cassioides, citronella mucronata.

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