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Quercus robur

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Species native to the northern hemisphere. It covers most of Europe including Russia and parts of central Asia. Occurs naturally in North Africa, and has spread to live wild in China and North America. Because of its beauty it is a common tree in parks, gardens and other rural and urban areas of Europe..




Maximum height size 40 meters.

Slow growth rate.


Fully exposed to sun, unprotected on north-facing slopes or flat areas.

Somewhat cold-resistant.

Humid climate, with constant rainfall and short periods of summer drought of no more than 1 month. Dry climate where the period without rainfall lasts 3-5 months, reaching 400-800 mm, concentrated in winter.

Deep soils.

Ornamental, forage and wood.

From the Metropolitan Region to the Maule Region, from 0 to 1000 m.a.s.l

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