Ugni molinae

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It is a native bush of central and southern Chile. It adapts to most soils, and is resistant to drought and wind. It is cultivated for its fruits, of pleasant flavor and aroma, which are used in confectionery and the manufacture of jams, juices and chocolates, as well as for the production of liquors.

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Rapid growth rate.

October to November.

White, pink or purple, fragants.

In the shade, on steep south-facing slopes, deep ravines or protected by a dense layer of vegetation, under large trees.

Resists occasional, not prolonged frosts down to about -5°c.

Areas with constant rainfall, short dry periods are possible but do not last more than 1 month.

Without excess humidity.

Edible, ornamental and medicinal.

From the Maule Region to Los Lagos Region, Juan Fernandez Archipelago, coastal mountain range and Andean foothills, from 0 to 2000 m.a.s.l.

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