Crinodendron patagua

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Is an evergreen tree species endemic to Chile. It is distributed from the V to the VII region, up to 1,200 m.a.s.l. This fast-growing tree is easy to cultivate, can be planted by seed and tolerates frost. Its wood is used in furniture and its bark is used for tanning leather.

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Maximum size: 10 meters.

Growth rate: Medium.

October to December.


In some shade. Some protection from the sun by sparse vegetation, rocks, etc. in shade. steep south-facing slopes, deep ravines, or protection by dense vegetation layer under large trees, or full shade in deep ravines running south with additional shade by trees, or with a very dense upper vegetation layer providing shade.

Resists occasional, not prolonged frosts down to about -5°c.

It grows in water or is found with its roots within a permanent watercourse. It corresponds to meadows, watercourses, lake edges, swamps.

Humid soils, near water courses.

melliferous importance, ornamental, wood.

From the province of Quillota (Valparaíso region) to the province of Concepción (Biobío region). From 0 to 1200 m.a.s.l. It is also found in the Juan Fernández archipelago.

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