Tineo, Palo Santo

Weimannia trichosperma

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This botanical species is endemic to the mountain forests of Chile and Argentina. It grows from the province of Talca in the VII region to the region of Magallanes. It lives from the coast to the foothills in humid and fresh places. It is very frequently planted in parks and gardens in Chile and Argentina.

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Maximum height of 30 meters.

Medium growth rate.

November to December.

Small creamy white flowers.

In some shade. some protection from the sun by thin vegetation, rocks, etc. in the shade. steep slopes with southern exposure, deep ravines. or protection by dense vegetation layers under large trees.

It resists low temperatures (-8°c), it can tolerate occasional snowfall and snow cover for a couple of weeks a year.

Areas with constant rainfall, short dry periods are possible but do not last more than 1 month. It grows in humid parts of forests, in ravines near streams, rivers and lakes and even in swampy places.

Acid soil, with a good content of organic matter.

Myelifera, ornamental, wood.

From the province of Linares (Maule Region) to the province of Ultima Esperanza (Magallanes Region) between 5 and 940 m.a.s.l., it is found in both mountain ranges.

Nothofagus dombeyi, eucryphia cordifolia, lomatia ferruginea, gevuina avellana, drimys winteri, aextoxicon punctatum, laureliopsis philippiana, laurelia sempervirens.

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