Ulmo, Roble de Chiloé

Eucryphia cordifolia

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It is native to Chile and Argentina. It lives along the Andes Mountains. This elegant tree with a thick trunk is threatened to lose its habitat due to logging. It is mainly used as beekeeping flora, but it is widely used as an ornamental tree. Its wood is used for construction, and very widely as firewood.

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Maximum height size 25 meters.

Medium growth rate.

Late January and March.

Ivory white.

To full sun, without any protection. flat parts or slopes with northern exposure. some shade.

Resists occasional, not prolonged frosts down to about -5°c.

Areas with constant rainfall, short dry periods are possible but do not last more than 1 month.

Humid soils.

Melifera, wood, ornamental and medicinal.

From the province of Concepción (Biobio region) to the provinces of Chiloé and Palena (Los Lagos region), coastal mountain range, inland valleys, up to 700 m.a.s.l.

Aextoxicon punctatum, nothofagus dombeyi, drimys winteri, weinmannia trichosperma, laureliopsis philippiana and lapageria rosea.

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